Drawing Class First Exhibit November 2013 (after only 3 months of instruction)!

All of the drawings on this page were produced by participants from St. Charles' Senior Community Center whose ages range from 60 years to mid 90's. The Beginning Drawing Class began in August of 2013 and meets once a week for an average of 2 hours per class. Assignments focus on training to draw what is seen, learning art vocabulary and concepts, basic drawing techniques, applying art elements and design principles to drawings and developing discipline and creativity through imagination and exploration of related art concepts.  Class members actively participate in review critiques scheduled at the completion of each assignment as a means to apply important terms and concepts related to the assignment.

Drawing Class Assignments
Note: Many of the drawings displayed on this page reflect the assignments below-
*Learning to draw what we see; not what we know
*Blind contour drawing
*Pattern and texture drawings
*Value drawings
*Life drawings
*Composition: understanding art elements and
  design priniciples
*linear and atmospheric perception
*Scale and proportion exaggeration and  
*Shape embedding (foreground and background
*Narrative drawings
*Small scale drawings
*Upside down drawings
*Less dominant hand drawings
*Drawing collages
*Holiday collage cards
*Monoprinting/artist edition

 St. Charles Drawing Class Timeline
* August 2013: First drawing class offered at St. Charles Senior Community Center of Philadelphia.
* November 2013: First Drawing Class Exhibit at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia.
* February 2014: Class featured on front page of Milestone, newsletter for Philadelphia seniors. 
* March 2014: Thirteen drawings by drawing class participants selected by CARIE and the SeniorLaw Offices of Philadelphia for permanent office display; RE: 2014 open call for art entries by senior Philadelphians.
* 2015/January 2016: Recipient of Honorable Mention in the Expressive and Creative Arts Category for the 2015 National Institute of Senior Centers Programs of Excellence. See Award